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It is such a simple idea that it escapes even some very wise counselors in the the domestic abuse arena. Learn all about the Miracle Principle and why you never have to be verbally, mentally, financially, sexually, or emotionally abused again. Stopping domestic abuse really is in your hands.

If you love yourself more, others love you more. Other people respect you as you respect yourself. I don't understand why this is such a secret. ~Anita Moorjani

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Earn a Certificate in Verbal Abuse Defense

This training course is FREE for anyone who wants to stop being the target of abuse and get the respect they deserve. If you take the course, we ask you to complete it for your certificate--it is designed to help change the way you think about your place in relationships.  It may seem like you already know this stuff but do the lessons anyway.
  • Read the Introduction, guidelines and disclaimer and begin Section One.
  • Section One and  Two are designed to help you identify specific areas in your relationship that don't work for you. 
  • The more advanced Sections Three and Four  refer to the book Respect-Me Rules but you do not have to have the book to finish the tutorial. It simply enhances understanding of the Respect-Me Rule Principles.
  • This educational workshop is designed to give you clear and practical information on this issues. 
The course is self-paced so don't rush. Once you submit the online Completion Forms at the end of each section, we will send out a Certificate of Completion, by email,  to show you are on your way to freedom from abuse.

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What can I expect to get out of this workshop?


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Learn to tap into community support--either virtual or face to face--and use the resources that give you back the respect and self-esteem you deserve. Although no one can rescue you, they can help you practice behaviors that work in your own best interests and do not promote abuse.


Your power and your worth come from one place--within. If you don't know your own worth and don't demand to be treated with respect, you invite others to misuse and abuse any relationship you have with them. Once you understand the Miracle Principle, life takes on a whole new meaning.


The Respect-Me RULES introduce you to the Miracle Principle, show you how to stop a partner from from calling you names, making accusations, controlling and manipulating your every move and making you feel worthless. But there is only person who can do this for you, and that is yourself.

Comments from Workshop Participants

Susanne, May 2015: Thank you so much! I have learned so much throughout this and your course was a great eye opener as well.

Jilly--May 2015 Thank you! I got the book Respect Me Rules, and it has been so very helpful. I plan to read it regularly to remind myself what to look for and how to respond. Thanks again.

Gerry J from New Zealand. I understand your feedback, am very grateful, andupon reflection, i realise that when I try to reason with Colleen, it
does only inflame the situation and leads to further insults and more threats.
    I will in future put your feed back into play. You are also correct in your assumption that   'I think you will get into trouble with her because you can't really explain things to an abuser.'  
     As I mentioned above, my trying to reason only inflames the situation. I thank you greatly for your feedback and
especially for your most informative workshop. I have learn't an amazing amount about spousal abuse, and more importantly how to deal with it and render them impotent.
     You have my sincerest thanks for your help and assistance at a time in my life when i do so need it.

Sharaden K. Shelly, Thanks for checking with me. I'm pleased to be remembered. I've had much success with the rules and the basic idea that I don't deserve to be treated poorly. Since I have young children, I sometimes struggle with being consistent with the rules, and wind up picking battles.

I found a counselor to help me, and also am finding great help from Karol Truman's "script" from Feelings buried Alive Never Die. I haven't yet found a good support group. I'm frustrated that if I relate my struggles, friends are quick to tell me I'm with a bad egg, but not as quick to encourage me in the healthy things that I am doing about it. I did get a book for my mom, but although I have shared my experience with it, have not given it to her yet. She has been abroad, and I am waiting for the right time. But that's not really helpful, I realize. I think I'll give it to her today.

Thank you for your wonderful workshop and website. Working through the workshop, reading on your site, and working through the workbook, have contributed to the layers of work that I've needed in order to cement the new ways of being that I have learned from them.
Blessings back, Sharaden

Laura C.
Please send me the tutorial. My therapist wanted me to check out and complete the tutorial. Thanks!!

Lynn P, 
Lancaster, PA.
My therapist recommended this site and I am looking forward to getting started with the tutorial. THANKS!

: Hi, I was reading this article and realized I was doing this to my wife. I do not know how to communicate well mainly due to my child hood exposure to abuse and my dad didn't set a very good example. I was exposed to this early on in my marriage and didn't know how to handle it. I retaliated with likewise behavior. That didn't solve anything. I have been trying to analyze and understand what went wrong. Now I know and will use the principles to better my marriage. Thank you so much. Dan

Name withheld-from a psychologist
I am a psychologist myself (phd in clinical). I am trained to be a therapist but am not a therapist (I do research), so what I am about to write is somewhat informed, but I am behaving as though I know nothing. For anyone reading this, I urge all of the targets to use the workshop this site offers and rehearse it often. This is the best one I've seen, since I believe their point of view is really important.
Read this woman's story here> CLICK (@ respect-me RULES)

Amanda :This was truly amazing! I hadn't realized how I had let every kind of abuse creep into my 20 year marriage. I see now that it's me allowing these things to continue and that the more I show him my love for him, the more I'm giving my blessing to this increasingly cruel nonsense! No more. Thank you so much for helping me see beyond the "episodes" that, thru my denial and fear have become an expected part of my daily life. I have a long way to go... but I feel FREE already

Kathleen: Fought back for years, so lots of ugly fights. Learning to not react, but it's slow going. {...} I understand and excuse, apologize and seek peace. Have worn waterproof mascara for years. I am a nurse,co-dependent, sick of the eggshell walking. Thank you, just now learning to have my own life. Makes him crazy! Learning I have been volunteering for this position, not hopelessly trapped.

Peggy: I found that your techniques to stop the abuse were great!

CC: Already you have helped me by saying, "You are a target, not a victim". All the professional help I've received so far either a/ just says that I'm an accomplice in the role playing or that I'm in a terrible situation, a victim, what can be done?.So I like your way of perceiving it. And believe me, I really need any help I can get (verbal abuse for over quarter of a century)

To Introduction:

The tutorial is moderated by Michael J Marshall, PhD & Shelly Marshall BS CSAC.

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